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The Booster Hydration mask was designed for people with:

- all skin types and especially fine and devitalised skin
- skin that has been affected by the sun or the cold


The Booster Hydration mask is highly recommended:

after aggressive treatments

1/ Drug therapy or cancer treatment:

after retinoid treatments (acne)
after chemotherapy
after radiotherapy


2/ Dermo-cosmetic procedures:
after laser treatment (resurfacing, CO², fractional laser, etc.)
after peeling treatments
after pulsed light treatment (IPL)
after Rosacea laser treatment
after a surgical lifting procedure


3/ After staying in a clinic or maternity ward
after childbirth
after general surgery


For people whose (professional or leisure) activities require exposure to specific atmospheric conditions

1/ Outdoor activities: construction work, farming, sport, etc.
2/ Maritime activities: sailing, boating, fishing, etc.
3/ Activities in the cold: work in cold rooms, skiing holidays, etc.
4/ Activities with constant air conditioning: air hostess, medical staff, office workers


or just for your own pleasure, to relax and increase skin comfort

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