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Hyaluronic acid

Centella asiatica

Moisturising, hydrating, plumping, soothing, healing



This BOOSTER HYDRATION treatment is specially designed for dehydrated skin, and is a source of moisture and freshness for thirsty skin. It forms a highly moisturising protective layer and its delayed effect hydrates the skin throughout the day.
It is perfect for dermasurgical laser postoperative care



The mask is composed of a wood cellulose gauze mask soaked in active serum.
This serum is made of hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate, two deeply hydrating components, as well as Centella Asiatica, a soothing and repairing agent that stimulates collagen fibre synthesis.



Box containing 3 single-use masks
To be applied to the face


Our advice

The BOOSTER HYDRATION – FACE mask can be used as a course of treatment over several days or as a basic treatment once a week

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