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I have never been very keen on using face creams in the morning as I find my make-up does not stay on as long. I found the perfect solution when I started using the "Enhancing Lift" mask, that I apply after cleansing my skin and leave on for 30 minutes. I let it dry and apply my light coat of foundation. My skin is perfect all day long.

Françoise A.



I do a lot of sport, and sweat a great deal. I also go to the sauna 2 to 3 times a week after my sport sessions and my skin if often very dehydrated. When I get home, I apply the booster mask and keep it on until it starts to dry. It is the only treatment that really helps me recover suitable hydration levels.

Anne Sophie B.



I love how fresh my skin feels after the booster mask.

Adèle R.



I tried it after laser treatment and it was very pleasant.

Sophie L.



I am a long-haul air hostess and the waste air in the aircraft cabin dehydrates my skin terribly. I am constantly looking for the best solution to provide my skin with the comfort it needs during my breaks. The booster mask truly changed my life. I always have some in my suitcase, I have become addicted to it!

Alina M.



I am 57 and menopause has left my skin dull and devitalised. I regularly apply Booster masks to my skin and let the magic happen. In just 30 minutes, my skin feels fresh and relaxed again. It is quite simply MAGICAL!

Caroline L.



I will definitely use it again as my skin felt so soft afterwards.

Agnès M.



I am 22 and have been taking retinoid medication for the last 3 months, due to my acne. The treatment is extremely efficient but has one main disadvantage: my skin is horribly dry! If I put face cream on, my skin is shiny. I discovered the Enhancing Lift mask that hydrates my skin, makes it incredibly soft and with it I can finally wear a little make-up.

Laura M.

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